Tom Yam Pak

Traditional spicy and sour soup


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Crab Meat with Sweet Corn

Cantonese soup served with fresh crab meat and sweetcorn


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Silk Orchid Chicken Sweet Corn

Classic Chinese soup served with tender chicken breast and sweetcorn


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Tom Kha Chicken

Chicken with galangal and coconut milk


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Tom Yam Goong

King prawns in spicy hot and sour soup flavoured with lemongrass, galangal, fresh lime juice and hot chilli


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Noodles and Rice Dishes

Silk Orchid Special Fried Rice Stir fried mixed meat with rice £8.50
Phad Thai with King Prawns and Spring Onions A traditional Thai – lightly sweetened flat noodles with spring onion £8.90
Singapore Rice Noodles A spicy rice noodle dish with chicken strips and shrimp £7.90
Drunken Noodles (v) Stir fried flat noodles cooked in spicy Thai herbs garnished with basil leaves £7.90
Singapore Fried Rice A spicy dish with combination of chicken and shrimp with egg fried rice £7.90
Stir Fried Noodles with Spring Onion An original side dish of yellow thick noodles with spring onion £5.90
Steamed Thai Fragrant Rice Small
Egg Fried Rice Small
Large  £5.50
Coconut Rice Small
Large  £5.50
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Vegetarian Dishes

Szechuan with Aubergine A delicious spicy dish with onion and fresh garlic £6.90
Stir Fried Broccoli with fresh Garlic A traditional Chinese dish with fresh garlic £6.90
Pak Choi with Garlic and Oyster Sauce An original Chinese recipe with oyster and soya sauce £6.90
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables A mixed vegetable with fresh garlic and Shaoshing wine £6.90
Aubergine with Thai Red Curry A traditional Thai curry dish with aubergine £6.90
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Red and White Meat Dishes

Stir Fried Beef in Lemongrass and Basil Lean pieces of beef, stir fried with fresh lemongrass and basil leaves £8.90
Chicken in Garlic and Black Bean Sauce Lean pieces of chicken breast tossed with fresh garlic, black beans and chillies £8.90
Sweet and Sour Chicken in Cantonese sauce Lean pieces of chicken coated with fine batter stir fried with sweet and sour sauce £8.90
Stir Fried Chilli Beef Lightly battered, tossed in the wok with fresh chillis and bell peppers £8.90
Thai Style Honey Roast Duck Breast Delicious sliced roasted duck served on a base of pak choi with plum sauce £10.50
Weeping Tiger in Northern Thai Style Sliced grilled sirloin steak marinated with spicy Thai sauce served with mixed vegetables £14.50
Sirloin Cutlet in Cantonese Sauce Marinated beef slowly cooked in a delicious sizzling cantonese sauce £14.50
Chicken Fillet with Cashew Nut in Thai style Fine pieces of chicken fillet cutlet with Thai chillis and herbs £8.90
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Spiced and Curried Dishes

Southern Malaysian Chicken Curry Chicken Fillet cooked with Malaysian herbs and spice £9.50
Tiger Prawns and Fine Beans in Thai red Curry Tiger prawns cooked in delicious spicy red curry £12.50
Cod Loin with Aubergine in Thai Green Curry Cod loin cooked in coconut cream blended with traditional Thai green curry £10.50
Roast Duck in Thai Red Curry Sliced roasted duck breast cooked in delicious spicy red curry £10.50
Chicken with Fine Beans in Thai Red Curry Pieces of chicken breast cooked in delicious spicy red curry £8.90
Chicken with Aubergine in Thai Green Curry Pieces of chicken breast cooked in coconut cream blended with traditional Thai green curry £8.90
Kerutuk Beef Malaysian Curry Fine pieces of beef cooked in coconut milk and mixed Malaysian herbs £9.50
Beef Massaman Thai curry Classic southern Thailand: with a mild coconut curry sauce with cashew nuts and shallot £8.90
Phanaeng Beef Curry Cooked with onions and red chillies £8.90
Kung Po Tiger Prawns Fine tiger prawns with sweet and spicy sauce, topped with cashew nuts £10.50
Chicken Fillet Cutlet in Szechuan Sauce Marinated chicken cutlet with fresh herbs and spices £8.90
Beef with Garlic and Fresh Black Pepper Corn Tender meat pieces in a sizzling thick pepper sauce £8.90
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Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillet with Black Bean and Garlic Fine strips of sea bass coated with crispy batter – stir fried with black bean, garlic and chillies £13.50
Tiger Prawns with Ginger and Spring Onion Tiger Prawns stir fried in garlic with fresh sliced ginger and spring onion £12.50
Sweet and Sour Cod Loin in Cantonese Sauce Fine pieces of lightly battered cod loin fish £10.90
Sea on Fire Stir fried spicy mixed seafood with sweet basil and Thai chilli oil £11.50
Sea Bass Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onion Sea bass steamed with ginger and spring onion £13.50
Salt and Chilli Cod Loin Stir fried crispy battered cod loin with garlic and chilli £11.50
King Prawns with Fresh Black Pepper Corn A classic dish with delicious garlic and fresh black pepper corn £10.50
Salt and Chilli Squid Stir fried crispy battered squid with fresh garlic and chillis £9.50
Pan Fried Sea Bass with Thai Chilli Sauce Tasty deep fried sea bass, served with Thai herbs and Thai chilli home made sauce £13.50
Malaysian Sambal King Prawns with Fine Beans Stir fried king prawns with spicy sambal sauce £10.50
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Aromatic Crispy Duck The famous crispy shredded duck slowly oven baked to a secret recipe and flash fried before serving with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber and Silk Orchid hoi sin sauce Half
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